Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Adventures of Miss Piggy

What is the history behind Miss Piggy and her insatiable need to blog all things food!

I first came across food blogs when a friend of mine started the blog "Street Food". Before that I had no idea what a blog was, let alone a food blog.  From reading "Street Food" I discovered more food blogs and I just loved the sense of adventure and community that surrounded them.

Food bloggers all seemed so social - always catching up with each other.  It seemed like a great way to meet new friends who also shared a love of food.  

I'd just moved back to Sydney from Outback NSW, I needed more friends and I wanted to explore Sydney's food scene once again.  Hence Miss Piggy was born.

Food blogging is a great way for me to share my experiences of cafes & restaurants - many of whom are in Western Sydney where I live.  

I also love being able to share information about ethical eating and hopefully educate some readers about how to make better/kinder choices when shopping for food: especially meat & eggs.

Part of this education process is raising awareness of alternatives to shopping at supermarkets....like farmers markets!

Who initially guided you to our markets?

I've always known about Orange Grove Markets as a friend of mine used to live just up the road and did (most of) her shopping there.  That was about 10 years ago before farmers markets really hit their stride in Sydney.

My niece also used to live near Marrickville Markets and I visited them after hearing about them so much.

I do love the organic feel of Marrickville Markets: it feels like you're a million miles from Sydney when you're shopping there.

I found out about the other markets (eg: Rouse Hill) thanks to Twitter 

What is it about markets that appeals to Miss Piggy so much

Animal welfare in farming (and in general) is a passion of mine and I try to follow a path of ethical eating as much as I can!  I try to only eat free-range meat and eggs where possible - especially at home.

I loving shopping at local farmers markets for free-range meat and other produce as it gives me an opportunity to talk directly to the sellers (and often the farmers themselves) about their produce and how their animals were raised.  That's just not something that can be done when shopping in a supermarket.

Given your appeal and fame status within the world of all things food, what has been one of the best reactions from a stallie you have written about in your blog

I'm not sure that any of the stallholders actually read my blog, but they are always happy to have a chat when I mention that I want to write about their staff for my blog.

The stallholders are always happy to pose for a photo and I think the most eager to pose has been the young chappy who sold fudge with his Mum at Rouse Hill Markets. HE knows the value of social media that one!

What 5 words would you use to encourage those who have yet to discover the delights of Organic Food Markets to get out there and give it a go?

Farmers Markets will change your life!  GO!!!


Miss Piggy we thank you and we MUST let you in on a secret: marketeers and stallies DO read your blogs as do we and we thank you for sharing a little bit of your blog time and allowing us to include some of your photos.

For those who have yet to read The Adventures of Miss Piggy do not delay!  

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