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Your blog Jugernauts is a fantastic mixture of pictorial with the odd paragraph or two thrown in to the mix.  What drew you initially to want to include Marrickville Markets

I was doing all these restaurant write ups and then realised that the markets don't tend to get written about as much so I thought I'd do a section for it as there is a lot of good food to be had there.

I also sell tees and have sold at other locations (newtown/glebe/finders keepers) and I appreciate the hardwork these vendors go through (packing, setting up.  It's a labour of love so yes I wanted to reflect that in my blog with a section dedicated to the markets.

And I had to include Marrickville Markets because I discovered it so late and it was such a different one.  More food focussed, less knick-knacks.  I had just to the AROM to check out The Bowery but the markets just kind of impressed.  

The stalls are unlike just anything I've seen at other markets.

As a blogger do you find at times it can 'take over" all other normalities in life; ie: are you driven to distraction by the irritating need to have to work to pay the bills, yet all the while yearning to simply go taste, photograph and celebrate via blogging

My blog is an extension of my lifestyle which is very much still in subsists of heading out to experience what Sydney (well, a lot of it is in the Inner West as I live in Newtown and just run around the local area) has to offer.  It's part of my life very much at the moment.  The blog is never far from my mind and being able to blog on the ipad (on the go) helps!

Who is one of your fave stallies and why

There's some great food to be had there:the satay tofu burgers, the truffles, the snag stand, some excellent home baked goods and vegetarian butchers

And of course the organic fruit & veg sellers.  It's a nice mix of eats and the tree lined "arcade" means you can just sit in the shade and take it all in...with the band playing.

It is one of the better markets around as it's not just a barrage of standard food kiosks in a market (location).

What is it about these markets that makes it such a unique experience from your point of view

The really good thing about Marrickville Market is that it adjoins The Bowery and Reverse Garbage and that's a highlight.

The organic produce, the hand made cheeses and truffles (again...having the truffles at market is just great!).  Also some superb pastries to be had.  The dulche de Leche Brownie is amazing!

It's one of the few markets on a Sunday...it's easy!

If you had to sum up Marrickville Markets in 5 words what would they be

Gem, artisanal, innerwest, organic, lazysundays


Huge shoutout to Jugernauts for sharing some time not only blogging about Marrickville Markets, but being part of this blog and allowing us to include their photos.

You can check out the write up on our markets here

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