Friday, 5 July 2013

Dear Asparagus

We LOVE the title of your Blog. What were the reasonings behind it

I don't remember exactly how I came up with "Dear Asparagus".  I think I just wanted something quirky and food related, and that seemed to fit.

How long ago did you join The Land of Blog and drew you to it initially

I had been reading blogs for a while and loved seeing what everyone was cooking & eating and where they were eating out, so decided to start my own as a procrastination from the HSC (which was a few years ago now).

On of my friend started getting bored when I continually told her what I was eating for breakfast etc ("and I soaked the oats overnight"...) so I decided to have my own outlet to write all of these things that perhaps others might want to read.

I don't particularly mind if nobody reads it though.  For me it's there as a diary and I can refer to it, or look up a recipe I've written.

At the same time, it is nice to have followers and comments and it's like, "hey! Somebody likes to read what I write!"

Do you find yourself easily distracted during your day job (and study), wanting to simply drown yourself in food and all its glory

Haha!  Food is very distracting, especially when you work at a food market!  I suppose lots of my study breaks are for eating purposes and I always find myself the night before an exam preparing more elaborate meals.

Surely it counts as food chemistry study!?!

During every interview we have had for our own blog, we have noticed that the number one all time fave vegetable is kale.  What (in your opinion) is it that keeps it consistently at number one on the organic hit parade

Yes, kale is everywhere!  You walk through the markets and everyone is carrying bunches of it.  I love kale for its versatility: whether it's the base for an omelette, added to a minestrone or baked as "chips".

Quick tip: roughly tear the leaves and "massage" them (yes! that's right "massage them") for a minute with sea salt, olive oil and lemon.  They soften and taste less bitter (see recipe here: Kale Chips).

If you could sum up Orange Grove Markets in 5 words what would they be

Molives, community, early starts, friendly, you-must-try-the-pork-or-beef-roll-from-the-butcher's-lunch

Huge thanks to Dear Asparagus for not just writing INCREDIBLE blogs but there are some sensational recipes just a waitin for you to try!

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