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Can you give us a little bit of insight and history in to the world known as vegeTARAian

vegeTARAian is the creative outlet and inspiration for my exploration in to the world of food and cooking.  I share recipes, veg friendly eating options in restaurants and conversational pieces on ethical eating.

I'm particularly interested in reconnecting with food, to become more aware of what we are eating, local and seasonal produce, reducing food waste and raising awareness about factory farming.

As the food revolution as grown and become more accepting of alternate eating styles (eg: vegans, vegetarians, gluten free'ers etc), what have been some notable changes you have observed both personally and objectively

It's really exciting to see people genuinely showing an interest and being more accommodating to those of us with different eating requirements.

I find eating out so much easier now than it was a few years ago.  Restaurants are increasingly offering veg friendly options and where there isn't and advertised option, most venues are happy to alter a menu item if you ask.  

There are also a lot more vegetarian/vegan brands stepping in to the mainstream, available in supermarkets which is fantastic!

How did you come to discover Marrickville Markets and what was it that compelled you to write the beautiful piece that you did

I really enjoying exploring the Inner West, it's just an area that fascinates me.  When my sister moved to Marrickville she told how me how great the markets were and I just had to pop down and check it out and I'm SO glad I did!

I love the community feel and that you can spend the whole day there - chatting with the stallholders to learn more about their products, having breakfast and/or lunch with all the fresh and delicious snacks for sale.

Your blog with its innovative, creative and user-friendliness makes it not only for a fantastic read, but it is also educational and celebratory.  

How do you strike that all important balance where you don't drown people in words and select the appropriate photos to accompany whichever topic you are focussing on.

It's important to stay true to myself in my writing - I think people see right through you if you aren't genuine and honest.  While I'm still new to the world of photography, the one thing that stays with me is to think about what I want the images to say before taking the photo.

A lot of text isn't needed when you've got images that do a good job of telling the story.

For those who have been to Marrickville Market but maybe not been at the point to simply dive in and give it a go with Raw and Vegan, what 5 words of encouragement would you give

Local and fresh is best!

A MASSIVE thank you to Tara and sharing a little piece of her world with us.  You can check out her amazing blog "here" and be transported in to the delights of alternative eating fabulosity.

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