Friday, 28 June 2013

He Needs Food (at Orange Grove)

What or who drew you to Orange Grove Markets initially

A friend actually mentioned the markets to me quite some time ago, so I had been meaning to drop by for a visit.  I was in the area one day and saw some people carrying fresh produce and it was at that moment I remembered the markets were nearby.  That's when I had a look.

Your blog is fantastic (and we thank you for it!).  From start to finish, how long does it to (a) select a subject, (b) write it (c) select photos (d) publish

It really depends upon the type of post I do as to how long it takes for me to get it published.  Sometimes I make multiple visits to restaurants over several weeks to get enough photos.  

Selecting a subject is basically down to whether I feel it is something I want to have on my site.

Am I interested in it?  Does the food sound interesting enough?  Selecting photos isn't all that difficult as the good ones tend to stand out from the ordinary ones.  

I guess from start to finish, on an average post, it would take 2-3 hours.  I'm not a great writer, so I'm constantly re-editing my words.

Apart from eating and blogging, what other indulgences/interests does the man who needs food have?

Once upon a time I did quite a bit of drawing and painting, sometime before I discovered how much fun the camera is.  Now the paint brushes are stored away in my attic, just in case I get the urge again.  

I also love to travel.  Mainly overseas but exploring our own Australian backyard is good as well.

My partner and I head overseas pretty much every year to escape and see as much as we can.  I love Sydney, but I also love leaving it.

In your previous you were a chef.  Do you miss the creativity and intensity of the kitchen?

It's been many years since I was last tossing pans in a commercial kitchen. I don't miss it at all and admire those that keep slugging it out for a living.  The intensity is something I can live without, but the creativity is still kept alive thanks to my recipe categories on my site.

My creativity won't ever switch off providing I have fresh produce in my world.  I can experiment and create in my home kitchen (as anyone can), but I am willing to share it all on my site.

In 5 words how would you sum up Orange Grove Markets?

No frills neighbourhood market hotspot

Our thanks to He Needs Food for sharing both his time, his love of our markets via his blog and his photos.

You can check out his blog which for us is a definite read:

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