Saturday, 15 June 2013

Seana Smith

We love that you share your love of our Frenchs Forest Markets in your blogs.  When did this love affair begin?

We moved to the Frenchs Forest area about 6 years ago and found the markets soon after that.  Quite a few friends of ours had told about them before, but we never made it there until we moved close by.

Being a busy mum with blogs continually on the go, do you find that our Frenchs Forest outings can  hinder personal time or is it a natural Flow. 

By that we mean: you go to have a good time, you try, you buy with the intent to go home, stock up the pantry, get the meal ready for the evening only to find you have an little voice inside saying "time to Blog Seana, time to blog"

The absolute best times for me to go is really early in the morning, and that's generally the time I have to drop off my teenagers off for a 7am shift at Beacon Hills McDonalds. Then I can whizz back to the markets and browse joyfully before the big crowds get there.

Otherwise I tend to go mid-Sunday morning and take my 7 year old twins with me. They do get in the way of my browsing and they're always asking me to buy them things!  But at least they can help me carry the bags.

Through your blogs and outings to our markets have you noticed the way people view the markets.  Instead of simply rushing in/out with said groceries and list ticked off, they take time to sit back, relax, catch up and get to know the traders etc.

I see lots of families all sitting around and relaxing but I never get to do that as much as I'd like.  My kids are totally active, a bit wild even and they are NOT good at sitting still!

Do you have an all time number one top recipe that you make with the produce you buy?

No top recipe with the things I buy, but my children do have some favourites: lemon tart from the tarts and pies stall 

and salty pretzles from one of the bakeries.

I love that there is heaps of vegetarian food on offer as my husband is totally veggie and we eat heaps of veggie meals. He loves a felafel pack

I like to wander around collecting together whatever takes my fancy.  Then when I get home and unpack it, I can write a menu plan for the week using what I've just bought.

What 5 words would you use to encourage other families to come, sit a spell, kick of their shoes and relax a while at FF markets?

Love the fact that the foods are fairly locally grown and seasonal


We would like to thank the amazing Seana for not only blogging about us, but sharing a part of her busy life and her photos with the OFM crew.

You can check out more of Seana's fab blogs here:

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this, glad to share this great northern beaches spot.