Saturday, 10 August 2013

Gourmet Wog

How long ago did you delve in to the depths of the loving arms of Frenchs Forest Markets

It will be 3 years in August.  We moved to Frenchs Forest from Ryde in 2010 to be close to the beaches and still be close enough to the city.

I visited Frenchs Forest Markets the first weekend after we settled and have been coming back every week: rain, hail or shine!

There really is such a wonderful vibe, the community comes out in their masses and the stallholders are all so friendly, up for a chat and their passion for their products really shines through.

Now we LOVE the name of your blog: when was it born and more importantly how on earth did you come up with such a fantastically Aussie title which once heard will always be remembered

Why thank you!  Gourmet Wog came about really because I just wanted to document my culinary adventures somewhere where I can reflect back one day.

I love cooking...I really do!  I have a very demanding full time job, a crazy little toddler who keeps me on my toes and when I get home from work, it's very likely you'll find me in my kitchen experimenting on some new dish, whipping up dinner for the family and sometimes secretly stroking the bench tops!  It's highly therapeutic: chopping, banging and stirring away after a long day in the office.

The blog is only 4 months old and in that short space of time, I've gained exposure from a lovely community of followers from all over the world.  It really shocks me sometimes when I look at my stats and see where my visitors are from!  I really do get a kick out of seeing the variety of countries and cultures who tune in to my every post.

The name of the blog?  Well to be honest it's a bit of a laugh.  I really am a bit of a larrikin sometimes.  Now I'm not full sick or fully tabouli, but I do make a mean kebab with all the trimmings.

I do get the occasional negative comment from someone claiming I'm being derogatory, but come on! I am a wog! A proud one! And if I can't laugh at myself, then who can?!

Why the urge to blog about Frenchs Forest Markets

Every resident in the area really should take the time to visit, support the local community and get amongst it.  It's such a wonderful day out and should be experienced by all!

Is there a gotta-have-can't-do-without item that you can't not buy

The smell of the honey cured bacon and free range egg roll gets me every time as soon as I walk in to the markets.  

It's become a bit of a tradition to grab one, then go across and buy a "Green Monster" Smoothie from the lovely smoothie stand and then start my tour!

My kitchen is always stocked with Baby Green olive oil and when in season, organic tomatoes, lemons and garlic.

Also free range eggs are magnificent from the markets. The yolk is always so big, bright and orange.  You just know these chickens are being treated well.

What other delights can we expect from the Gourmet Wog

I love the journey this blog has taken me on so far and I'm looking forward to the next chapters: stories about my crazy family's antics, delicious recipes from Italy, Greece and the Middle East and my humble garden updates


Well from the Organic to the Wog we love your blog  (which by the way you can check out "here"), the fact that you come to our market rain, hail or shine,and for sharing a bit of time on your crazy world with us!

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