Friday, 30 August 2013

Gobbled & Gulped

We LOVE the title of your blog!  What was the inspiration behind the name

I wanted a name that was fun and playful to reflect the feel of the blog.  I 'm a bit of a kid at heart and Gobbled & Gulped just felt right.

Though saying it proves to be a bit of a mouthful....scuse the pun!

What is it about food and locations that draws you to want to write about hidden pockets, tasty delights and new discoveries

I love a good time and I love it even more if that good time involves a good feed!  It's actually pretty simple philosophy.

the famous Bowen's Egg & Bacon roll

Luckily Sydney loves a good time and a good feed too so there's always something new to try and discover, and it's my hope the blog helps readers to discover some good times of their own too.

You are a fan of our Kings Cross Market.  When did you first "discover" this Saturday Morning Place To Be and Be Seen

I've known about the markets for a few years but only truly discovered them when I moved to Potts Point in early 2012.  Now they are so close to my backdoor they're practically in my backyard!

It's been great seeing the markets vitality grow with new stallholders and a greater variety of yummy food on offer.

Your photography is amazing!  Do you have a particular subject in mind when you choose a topic for your blog, or do you take a bunch at each location and then let it "present" itself to you as you write

Truth be told I'm a total novice, albeit one with a good's makes a difference!  Generally I have an idea about what direction I want to post to take, but I find it best to be flexible and above all patient.

Sometimes it can take weeks to pull together all of the shots I want for a full post.  On other occasions, like the recent post I did on Kings Cross Markets (which you can read "here") I had way too many photos from just one morning.

Then the hard bit's deciding which photos NOT to use!

In 5 words how would you sum up the world of Gobbled & Gulped

Adventures in food and beyond


Massive shoutout to Gobbled & Gulped for writing an amaaazing article on our Kings Cross Market (if you missed the link before here tis again...just click "here" and while you're there you should see what else she wrote!) and we are over the moon that we were a place you discovered!

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