Friday, 30 August 2013

Ponytail Journal

Cute name for the blog.  How did you come to use this name and can you tell us what inspired you to become a blogger

I came up with the name Ponytail Journal in an attempt to best describe its purpose: a publication that explores my life as a model, food fiend, lover of all things functional and adventurer.

Ponytail Journal began as a place to collect my thoughts and people started to like it!.....And I started to like that people liked it!  So here we are!

Your bio includes you as being a "pursuer of goodness".  For you, what defines "goodness" and how much of a role does this play in your everyday life

I think to key to a great life is to seek out the things that make you happy.  For me "goodness" is the umbrella of things that make me enjoy existing in our weird and wonderful universe.

Most importantly food (that is REAL and honestly produced) is my sensory happy place. It's what makes me look forward to getting out of bed in the morning and also nourishes me with energy to explore and enjoy.

Goodness is also in the embracing of what life has to offer us.  Whether it be cross-stepping to the nose of my longboard, connecting with people around the world, or having a really good cup of coffee; the act of experiencing is always far more fun than the sum of its functioning parts.

You recently did a most magnificent blog on Orange Grove Markets for which we thank you.  How did you first come to hear of us and did you come with the specific intention to write a blog

I used to live close by Orange Grove Markets and it still holds a special place in my mind.  I am a strong believer in supporting food producers who take pride and care in their produce.

AND I had a little stall myself at Riverside Organic Markets called Spring St Chow while I was studying!  We sought to bring all the goodness we could find and share it in the sunshine wit the community.

Constantly travelling, I have come to the realisation that Australia is a pretty gosh darn unique and amazing place. With incredible land, things like farmers markets help to funnel all the produce goodness into a kind of culinary Disney Land.

How would you sum up the world of Ponytail Journal in 5 words

Hunting for goodness and adventure


And on that note we would like to thank Ponytail Journal for not only writing an incredible blog on our Orange Grove Markets (which you can read "here"), but for also being a stallie at one of our other markets during her studies, and wish her luck on her quest to find all things good and real!

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