Saturday, 19 October 2013

Lateral Eating

Firstly, thank you for writing this fantastic article about Marrickville Markets!  What prompted you to start writing about your "Lateral Eating" experiences and what is the premise behind the name

Thank you for reading my blog post!  I started blogging as a way of archiving memories, particularly those related to food.  I've been fascinated with nutrition since I saw the effect that diet had on my performance and body composition and later when I studied an introductory course; I believe eating real food (ie. not processed/packaged) is extremely important in order to be healthy, and that's how I cam up with the blog's name and tag line: "Lateral Eating: eating outside the box - literally".

You make a very interesting point about the misconception that Paleo eaters are not vegan haters.  How long has the Paleo way been part of your life and why the switch

Yeah and I hope that applies the other way round too!  I've been following a Paleo lifestyle (and I love how you didn't call it a diet) for a bit over 2 years.  I first heard about in 2007 and thought it made a lot of sense, but as with most people thought it would be too hard to follow.

As I got older and particularly after moving to Australia, some of my chronic health issues (knew pain, reflux etc) got worse. I also noticed my digestion, mood and energy levels were out of whack.

One day I stumbled across Mark Sisson's blog (Mark's Daily Apple which you can read more about "here") and decided it was time to try an ancestral approach, which obviously worked!

When writing an article, do you have a particular format in mind or do you simply write about what "speaks" to you at that time and place when visiting markets such as ours

Because I'm a control freak and the blog is what I do for fun, I try to be as spontaneous as possible with it.  I do have an endless list of places I want to visit and recipes I want to tweak and share, but what goes in posts is always what grabs my attention or reminds me of something; things I want to share with whoever lands on my blog.

If you had to choose a favourite stallie at Marrickville Markets, who would it be and why

The Butcher's Lunch, hands down, for their amazing pork and crackling, coleslaw and aioli (the roasted grass-fed beef is almost as good).  They sell it in a bun but are happy to serve it in a container if you BYO.

How would you sum up the world of Lateral Eating in 5 words

Eat real food, move, meditate


Now for those of you who have yet to read this fantastic blog, simply click "here" and dive head first in to the world of Lateral Eating which we are pretty sure you will enjoy!

Enormous thank you to Lateral Eating for sharing some time with us and for writing a great article about our much loved Marrickville Markets.

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